Meg Lawrence - Introduction

Meg Lawrence is an artist, working both in egg-tempera paint on wood and in stained glass.

She paints the small-scale design in watercolour on textured paper. She has a life-drawing studio where she make studies of life-models and drapery. The design is then enlarged to the full-size working cartoon.


For her paintings, Meg uses egg-tempera on a gilded gesso ground, on wood. Each stage of the painting is carried out in the traditional way. The gesso is made from whiting and glue and applied to the wood in several coats. When dry, it is smoothed and polished. The drawing is then transferred from the cartoon and engraved onto the white surface of the gesso. The gold-leaf is applied using the water-gilding technique. Finally, onto this carefully prepared gold-and-white surface, pure pigments are painted, tempered with yolk-of-egg and diluted with distilled water.

For her stained-glass windows, Meg specifies exactly the colour, intensity and graduation of the glass she wants and the sheets are made specially for her by Glashütte Lamberts, a firm of glass-blowers in Bavaria. The pieces of coloured glass are cut to shape and she paints each piece with details of line and shadow to give form, pattern and texture. The glass-painting is then kiln-fired into the surface of the glass. After several paintings and firings, the pieces of glass are assembled using lead. The window is then fitted into the building.